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In the last decade, the continued demand for specialist maritime works, nationally and internationally, have led us to dedicate a substantial part of our resources to the creation of a team of experts in the field of marine surveys and construction of major projects in the maritime sector . Our team of experienced engineers are able to propose, in association with other leading companies in the industry, complete packages for highly skilled jobs since the required permissions to the fulfillment of the work that the investigation preparatory to the completion of the same, whether it be a submarine cable high voltage that a nourishment of the seabed, but also maintenance port and drilling and coring, environmental monitoring and sampling. Green Fleet, just in the last period, boasts the participation in important projects such as the recovery and transportation in the yard of the ship Concordia, marine surveys in the Balearic Islands for the next step of submarine cables and environmental sampling in Montenegro. Whatever the idea, Green Fleet will be able to achieve it with specific expertise and professionalism.