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Born Aquavision, a floating water park.

The “Consorzio Giglio” inaugurates the summer season with “Ogigia,” a boat in underwater viewing with floating water park, ideal for families and children, which allow you to discover the amazing underwater world of the Giglio’s island.

Ogigia is equipped with the brand new attractions, “Aquanautas”, “Seabobs” and “Hydrobob”, used for the first time in the Mediterranean, which allow you to live a unique experience of its kind. You will not need any diving course, but only a few minutes of introduction.

With Aquanautas will be able to experience the spectacular feeling of walking underwater, the easiest way to interact with the wonderful underwater world. An innovative helmet allow you to breathe normally, much better snorkeling or diving, without the need for special training or even know how to swim.

With SEABOB water sport has reached a new level. Gliding over the sea, sportive driving and dive underwater, always in safety with SEABOB you can. With this fun sports instrument, fully respectful of the marine environment, you will know the feeling of moving in the water like a dolphin, both on the surface and in depth. In other words, the SEABOB is a dream come true.

With HYDROBOB you will instead travel underwater without effort and without wearing bulky equipment, dipping just sitting and wearing a helmet fed by a cylinder that provides enough air to breathe normally.